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NGL Season VI

World Elite Pepsi 3
Meet Your Makers.WC3 2

NGL Season VI

Meet Your Makers.WC3 3
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NGL Season VI

Meet Your Makers.WC3 3
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LATEST NEWS     NGL ONE Season 6 Players and Grid!
Berlin, 9th April 2010 – Today the NGL ONE Administration announces the players and the first matches for the upcoming NGL ONE Season 6 Final. All in all five players will participate at the NGL ONE Season 6 finals, which will be held in the studios of GameSports in Berlin (Germany).

With three players being unable to attend the Grand Finals, we will have these 5 players attending:

  -June ‘Lyn’ Park
  -Jang ‘Moon’ JaeHo
  -Deok Man ‘SocceR’ Youn
  -Manuel ‘Grubby’ Schenkhuizen
  -Eom Hyo ‘FoCuS’ Sub

As three players are unable to attend the grid had to be modified a bit:

Round 1
Lyn vs BYE
Grubby vs FoCuS
Soccer vs BYE
Moon vs BYE

Round 2
Lyn vs Grubby/FoCuS
Soccer vs Moon

The tournament schedule as well as our coverage details including commentators for the NGL ONE Season 6 Final will be announced very soon, stay tuned!

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Top NGL ONE Players
1. Sk.Lyn
2. WE.Pepsi.TeD
3. Moon
4. Soccer
5. ReMinD-
6. TH000
7. EG.Grubby
8. Focus
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